You are the FIRST and LAST version of you. What will you do with it?

Many of us living our lives as if tomorrow is promised. Why settle for less than you were created to be by focusing on things that don’t contribute to your growth? Our goal is to help you find the best version of yourself so that you can develop your own signature sound and bring inspiration to others.

We do this through our “I.C.E. Method” which has proven to be an effective means of helping individuals reach their personal goals and live their best lives.

What is the “I.C.E. Method”?



We generate inspirational content that is inspired by authentic experiences. By only sharing content that we believe will have a long lasting effect on individuals, we help them to see and eventually meet a better version of themselves.

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By creating a safe space for individuals to share their story and personal testimonies without a fear of judgment, we are able to encourage personal growth. Our focus is on creating online and offline atmospheres where attendees can be free to express themselves with an air of dignity and connect with like-minded individuals who can form their own personal bonds with.

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We believe that the most common reason why people fail to become their best self and discover their true identity is because they never develop a personal relationship with their Creator. By focusing on helping you to develop and deepen your relationship with GOD, we help you to find your calling and place in the world.

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Our Practice

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One of the most powerful things in this world is a fully unleashed you. When you find out who you really are, the world opens to you and becomes subjective to your signature sound.

— Founder, Hakim Taliaferro

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