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The Power Of Praise



Theme Scripture:

I sought the Lord , and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.
Psalms 34:4 KJV

Scripture Breakdown/Paraphrase:

I cried out to God, and He responded to my praise by freeing my mind from all the things that stole my praise of Him.

Main Point:

Do you find yourself feeling down and out often? Do you feel like your life is missing something lately? Perhaps, it's because there's a cry inside of you that the Lord is looking to hear. Maybe, He's allowing you to go through certain things so that you can learn how to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate His Presence more often. We will share with you the "Y.E.S" of praise and how to start living a more victorious life on a daily basis!

Three Supportive Statements:

- There are two types of praise discussed today. One form of praise is giving thanks. The second form of praise is "letting go of things". By choosing to sacrifice our will for the Lord's will, we become a pleasing "aroma" to Him. By praising Him, we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice. This is why we must be aware of Hos goodness in all that we do. In all that we do and say, we do to the Lord!
- We were created specifically for the praising and worshipping of Almighty God. We were fashioned to function like Him in our ability to exercise dominion, while at the same time having a humble heart towards Him.
- When we praise God, we create an open space for miracles to happen. The word "deliverance" actually means "to be free, open space. Open space for what? More of the Lord's presence. The more space and territory we allow for the Heavenly Presence of God, the more opportunities there are to witness miracles and kingdom experiences.

Study Questions (For Me):

1. Can an unclean spirit enter into a believer who has accepted Christ?
2. How do we "safeguard" a particular area of our lives?

Questions for Self Reflection:

1. What territory am I afraid to overtake for the Lord?
2. What stops me from praising Him?
3. Do I praise God because of who He is or because of what I desire Him to do for me?

The Y.E.S of Praise

(Y)earning. Stay yearning for the Lord's Presence.
(E)ager. Be eager for the earthly manifestation of His Presence.
(S)ing and Stand. Sing songs from your spirit and stand for the Lord REGARDLESS of who's looking.


- Praise means to "throw off", as stones.
- Deliverance means to "be spacious, open, free"
- God delivers us because of His unfailing love for us and the pleasure He takes in us, not because of what we've done or said, but because we are His children.
- God leaves certain enemies in the territory so we can learn how to "fight". He doesn't do total deliverance in one shot because then we wouldn't need to call on Him as much.
- God has already given us the victory over anything that we will ever face in this life. In Him, through Christ, we have a resounding "yes" and "amen".
- When we intentionally release the need to always be in control of things, we allow Him to be responsible for all things. By learning how to follow His ways, commands by seeking His heart, we develop a soul that is "at rest" in the midst of trials and difficulties.
- We need to learn how to "rest" in Him by allowing His Spirit to become one with our spirit. We learn to trust Him by developing a quiet, centered soul through meditation, worship and contemplative prayer. Learning how to "rest" in the Lord is perhaps the biggest challenges of our journey with God.
- Perhaps, the Lord, operating in perfect humility and wisdom, waits and watches us be burdened and weighed down with the cares of this life until we feel a need to call on Him. By choosing to praise Him, we "throw off" this flesh and allow His Spirit to lead our lives.

Research Scriptures:

(Saved, by Calling on Him) Psalm 18:3 |  (Enemies Retreat) Psalm 56:9 | (Call in His Name) Romans 10:13 | (Call on His Name) Acts 2:21 | (Victory EVERYWHERE) 2 Samuel 8:6 | (Hearing and Seeing God) Isaiah 30 | (Yes and Amen) 2 Corinthians 1:20 | (They Hate The Smell) Tobit 8:3

Recommended Study Plan:

Get Your PRAISE On!

Private Thoughts:

- Share with them the Blue Letter Bible App. Talk about the necessity to read commentaries and listen to biblical studies/lectures on certain topics to gain a deeper personal understanding of the scriptures.
- Talk about the moon and how it only reflects 2-3% of the sun's light, yet provides light for the earth in darkness. Mention the example parallel between Jesus (Moon), God the Father (the Sun) and us (the earth).
- Praise prepares us (in advance spiritually) for an impending battle or trial of faith

Video to Watch:

- Praise Song:
- David dances before the Lord:

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