The Double Agent

The Double Agent

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Theme Scripture:

Jesus’ refusal was curt: “Beat it, Satan!” He backed his rebuke with a third quotation from Deuteronomy: “Worship the Lord your God, and only him. Serve him with absolute single-heartedness.”

- Matthew 4:10 MSG


Scripture Breakdown/Paraphrase:

None this week

Main Point:

Do you often find yourself saying one thing, but almost "uncontrollably" doing and saying the exact opposite when you are placed under pressure? Do you make well intentioned promises to others, but constantly find yourself dropping the ball by not following through? Perhaps, you've been informed that this is simply an integrity issue. That is part of it, but the real issue is that you may battle with "doublemindedness". In this message, we will uncover how this issue affects you, your destiny, your family and your walk with God.

Three Supportive Statements:

- We are either in love with God's kingdom or in lust with the enemy's kingdom. We can't serve two masters.

- Doublemindedness is usually a result of past traumas. It comes from experiencing things such as rejection, failed relationships, abuse, betrayal etc. The cure for doublemindedness is singlemindedness and this "singlemindedness" happens only by way of Jesus Christ. We need to see doublemindedness as a mental disease, because it really is.

- To be doubleminded, means to have "two souls", "two different purposes", "two different agendas". In order to really experience the abundant Life that God gave us in Christ, we must ask the Holy Spirit to rid us of "doublemindedness". It takes a conscious decision to have singularity of mind and purpose, and that mind and purpose is found only in Jesus.

Study Questions (For Me):

1.What is a double agent and what do they do?



Questions for Self Reflection:

1. How are suicidal thoughts sign of doublemindedness?

2. What does it really mean to "know" the Lord and for Him to know you?



- What is a double agent? A double agent is a person employed by a government to discover information about enemy countries, but who is really working for one of those enemy countries | In other words, one who pretends to be devoted to one, but in actuality, is actually devoted to another. They play both sides for their own personal gain, their loyalty is divided.

- A double minded person is like a "house divided against itself". It says in scripture that a "house divided against itself" can not stand.

- Adam "knew" (had earthly relations with) Eve and had a seed birthed forth of unrighteousness [Cain]. God "knew" (had Divine relations with) us and birthed forth Righteousness [Christ].

- It is important to note that man was not a slave to sin until the decision of Cain to kill his brother Abel. We still had a chance to rule over it, but failed the opportunity to master it in Genesis 4. We inherited this sinful nature as a result of this poor decision by Cain. Cain was offered the opportunity to have rule over sin, but he obliged to the enemy.

- Because of what Jesus has done for us, we have again gained rulership over sin. We are no longer "it's wife". We are now the bride of Christ, who is the Righteousness of God. We have a NEW Master, Lord, and Husband. When we accept Jesus, we are no longer subject to the rulership of Satan. We legally become Children of God.

- The reason it is so hard for many of us to really experience Jesus as Lord is because of our training to be "self sufficient" in this world. We want things on our own terms and desire total control over our destiny. We have a problem believing that God has a life already designed for us.

Research Scriptures:

(A House Divided) Matthew 12:25 | (I Never Knew You) Matthew 7:21-23 | (And Adam Knew Eve) Genesis 4:1 | (Rule Over Sin) Genesis 4:7 | (Led By The Spirit) Matthew 4:1 | (One Master) Matthew 4:10 | (Can't Serve Two Masters) Matthew 6:24 | (Simplicity in Christ-One Husband) 2 Corinthians 11:3

Private Thoughts:

- Will use the movie "Salt" as a reference point for this topic.

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The Wisdom of God