What Ya' Running From?

What Ya' Running From?

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Theme Scripture

David went to the town of Nob to see Ahimelech the priest. Ahimelech trembled when he saw him. “Why are you alone?” he asked. “Why is no one with you?”

1 Samuel 21:1 NLT

Scripture Breakdown/Paraphrase:


Main Point:

Having a hard time sharing your testimony and story with the world? Do you feel like you're simply "too small" and "insignificant" to truly bring lasting change to the world? Well guess what: you're not the first and you're definitely not the last! Many of us battle with feelings of personal limitation and self doubt, but we're going to share some truth with you that will help you to overcome your fears and live a spirit filled life! Don't miss this message!

Three Supportive Statements:

- We all have a "Goliath", a giant in our lives that needs to be addressed and dealt with. We also have "Sauls", those things that haunt us from time to time.
- Many of us are running from our true identity and potential. We are living below who we are because we don't want to "offend anyone". We must gain a stronger grasp on our true identity as children of God.
- Many of us are running because the people around us are running. We have grown comfortable with "being in hiding". We embrace our life in the "cave" simply because we have company.

Two Things to Look For When In Trouble:

1. Look for and seek the Lord's Presence. DON'T leave without a word from Him. If you don't hear from Him in prayer, use His Written Word to empower you.
2. Look for tokens of past victories. Look for a reminder of how God rescued you in the past. It helps to write and record your experiences (good and bad) so you can see the mighty hand of the Lord in your life.

Study Questions (For Me):

1. Generally speaking, why do we run from things?
2. What must we do to face our fears?

Questions for Self Reflection:

1. What is my "Goliath"?
2. If I have defeated a "Goliath", what is my "Saul"? What keeps haunting me and lingering over me as I try to move forward in life?


- In order to win any battle, you must first know you're in a fight. Realize this truth: The moment you accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you were enlisted into God's winning army.
- When David ran from Saul after he found out Saul was intent on killing him, he was led to a priest who gave him two things: access to the Bread of the Presence and the sword of Goliath who he previously conquered in battle. Sometimes, when we are running the Lord will give us a reminder of past deliverance and an overwhelming victory.
- The good thing about David is that when he was in distress, he ran to priests and holy men of God. He ran to the mouthpieces of God, but he did not run to the Lord directly. Many of us are good at running to the People of God, but not God Himself. We look for human affirmation when in trouble, but not God affirmation.
- When one runs to a cave, he is looking to be hidden from sight. The cave was a common hiding place for those who were running from something.
- We must not stay in the cave, it becomes our "stronghold". A stronghold becomes a snare for us to be captured by the enemy. Stronghold also means "net", it is something that the enemy uses to catch us. Take note of this also: we are the ones who build the nets.

Research Scriptures:

(The Wicked Servant?) Matthew 25:14-30 | (David Runs to Philistines) 1 Samuel 21:10-14 | (Our Enemy Has More Patience) Job | 

Private Thoughts:

- Commentary on David running to the Philistines (https://enduringword.com/bible-commentary/1-samuel-27/)

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