Faith or Fear?

Faith or Fear?

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Theme Scripture:

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. -Hebrews 11:1 KJV

Scripture Breakdown/Paraphrase:

Faith is actually tangible, something we stand on and trust in so we can experience what God wants to reveal to us in due time.

Main Point:

How strong is your faith? Have you measured it lately? How do you know when you are being fueled by fear rather than being fueled by faith? Many of us have heard the phrase "walk by faith, not by sight", but as many of us know: it's that "walk" part that we have the most difficulty with. It's easy to say "I have faith", but what is that faith based upon? On this call, we will talk about what faith is in its core essence and how to develop your faith by becoming more aware of what motivates your daily behaviors.

Three Supportive Statements:

- Faith and fear can't mix. They are like oil and vinegar. The faith God is looking for is pure water, nothing else added to it. Doubt is the seed of fear, so we must discard doubt before we pick up faith. You can't hold both if you are expecting manifestation.
- We learned how to doubt as a result growing up in a broken world. This is the reason why Jesus praises little children often. He says that those who become like little children are the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven.
- We must understand that our faith naturally fluctuates based on our own life experiences. This is the reason why we must become more conscientious of how we pray and believe God. Our faith isn't always pure, and knowing that helps us to apply faith more intentionally in all areas of our life. (Use the "Mobile Phone" model for measuring and applying faith.)

< The "Mobile Phone" Model: >

One of the reasons I believe many of us aren't experiencing God's best for our lives is because we don't have a practical model for how faith is to be monitored and applied. You can have "five bars of service" when it comes to believing God for financial freedom and good health, but "one or two bars of service" when it comes to your marriage and children. For more details, see below:

1. (Pay The Bill): We must be willing to cover the costs of experiencing God's best for our lives by yielding to His process of character development. God is more concerned with our character than the blessings attached to them. He wants our hearts to be right, and this process of "sanctification" is what prepares us for His Kingdom. ((Romans 8:29-30))

2. (Know The Due Date): We must learn how to discern the times and seasons. [e.g. reaping and sowing]. If you are in a season of sowing, you must understand that is for a time. We must stay in relationship with Him so we can be made aware of what's happening in the earth corporately and individually. ((Ecclesiastes 3:1-8))

3. (Learn about the Service Provider): We must spend time in the Presence of God to learn His heart and will for our lives. The more time we spend with God, the more the Truth is revelaed to us of who we really are. As we learn more about who we really are as a result of learning more about Him, we will see a shift in the things that please us and make us happy. Our desire to please Him will grow and our faith will be made stronger as we "chew" on His words. ((Phillipians 2:12-13))

What hinders us from being able to use our "Mobile Phone" properly? :
- Cracked Screen: Our hurts, wounds and disappointments from the past can affect our perspective of the world and what we believe in God for. The words we speak, things we listen to, things we watch and people we surround ourselves around are a few examples of what "cracks" or "repairs" our screen on a daily basis.
- No Service: A lack of belief or faith in God disconnects us from His miracle working power. An atheist for example, will not be able to experience "the joy of the Lord' for example because his "faith" is only in things seen, heard, felt and tasted. What an awful way of living!


Study Questions (For Me):

1. What keeps us from living God's best for our lives?
2. What type of faith is pleasing to God?
3. What caused us to stop having faith?

Questions for Self Reflection:

1. What do I "automatically" have faith for?
2. How do I eradicate doubt and become like a little child again?
3. What fuels most of my actions: faith or fear? How can I test my faith more often?


- Faith is a substance of the Kingdom
- Fear seeks evidence to remain, faith seeks substance (a word) to believe.
- Substance comes first, Evidence of that substance comes second.

Research Scriptures:

(What Faith Is) Hebrews 11:1 | (Abraham's Faith Tested) Genesis 22:1-5 | (Will Faith Be Found) Luke 18:8 | (Faith of A Mustard Seed) Matthew 17:20-24 | (Asking Amidst) James 4:3

Private Thoughts:

- With fear, there's a lot of talking. With faith, there's a lot of listening.
- To live a life of faith, you must develop patience. A genuine life of faith requires patience; for oneself, others and promises. That's one of the reasons James said we must be quick to listen and slow to anger; we MUST be patient. (Understand this, my beloved brothers and sisters. Let everyone be quick to hear [be a careful, thoughtful listener], slow to speak [a speaker of carefully chosen words and], slow to anger [patient, reflective, forgiving]; for the [resentful, deep-seated] anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God [that standard of behavior which He requires from us]. JAMES 1:19‭-‬20 AMP)

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