Blessed Is The Man (Part 7)

Blessed Is The Man (Part 7)


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We will be doing a series based on the beatitudes, the famous Sermon on the mount in Matthew 5.

Part 7 #waitonit:
“Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted."
Matthew 5:4 KJV

Main Point:
The world tells us to find comfort by doing things that make us feel good in the moment. God says, I have given you a Comforter- if you will just wait on me.

Three Supportive Statements:
- The Holy Spirit is there to comfort you in times of distress. He will comfort you based on what ministers to you best at the time. (Share how Anita Baker's music often ministers to me because of my late mom.)
- We have to understand that God is ALWAYS in the FIRE with us. Some chains are being broken in the process. (Read scripture from Daniel)
- When we are going through something, all we need is encouragement and wisdom from God. We can teach ourselves how to rejoice when tests come by learning how to more clearly articulate our pain and where we are at.

Study Questions:
1. What does it mean to "mourn"?
2. How are we comforted?
3. Who is the Holy Spirit and how does God feel about Him?

1. Think of a situation that you felt you had no way out, but God rescued you.
2. How have you have been able to encourage someone else as a result of your own past experience.

Remember the acronym W.E:
"W.E are not in this alone."
W- Wisdom (Seek wisdom from God)
E - Encouragement (Seek encouragement from God)

Research Scriptures:
(In the Fire, With You) Daniel 3:19-28 | (Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit) Matthew 12:31-32 | (Being Made Perfect, Through a Process) James 1:2-8 | (Come Forth, as Pure Gold) Job 23:10

Private Thoughts:

- The Father and Son are are VERY protective of the Holy Spirit.

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